New Broken Lawyer novel, The Chinatown Houdini Bandits, on sale on Amazon


NEW BROKEN LAWYER NOVEL - Now availaible on Amazon

The Chinatown Houdini Bandits, finds Jake working to unravel a mysterious bank robbery  while trying to help a young run away girl escape a long prison term.

A Certificate of Appreciation from The Veterans Welcome Home and Resource Center

All of the proceeds from A Murder Under the Bridge, have been donated to this organization to help our veterans. All of you purchasing the book made this possible, and this certificate is as much yours. Thank you for your support.

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Helping Troubled Teenagers!

All of the proceeds from this

 book, For One Man's Honor are being donated to Providence Home,  

a teen shelter that provides local youths, shelter and food, as well as tending to their medical, emotional and spiritual needs. If you want to learn more about this wonderful charity, visit its website at,

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The Broken Lawyer,  the first book in the series, published in June 2016, is now available in paperback on Amazon.



With the recent publication of The Chinatown Houdini Bandits, Rose and I had to decide upon a charity to which to donate the book’s royalties. After talking it over we concluded that rather than giving to a new charity, our donation would do more good if divided equally amongst the three charities receiving the royalties from the prior Broken Lawyer books.  

When you buy a copy of The Chinatown Houdini Bandits, you help feed the hungry, you aid a veteran in need of help, and you provide shelter and social services to a troubled teenager. 

To learn more about the charities that the Broken Lawyer series benefits check the Bio section of the website,. Thanks to those of you who have bought any of the Broken Lawyer books over $50,000 has been donated to those charities so far and the amount keeps growing.